Oil Plus 2C




20 ML A Component Muestra
100 ML A Component 4 m²
350 ML A + B Set 14 m²
1,3 L A + B Set 52 m²
3,5 L A + B Set 140 m²



Technical Data Sheet

Colour card A4 - Oil Plus 2C - EN

Colour card small - Oil Plus 2C - EN

Colour trends 4Fold - Zigzag - EN


How to apply Oil Plus 2C on interior furniture, stairs and countertops

How to apply Oil Plus 2C on floors

Does Oil Plus 2C require a topcoat?

What is the shelf life of Oil Plus 2C?

How to keep my Oil Plus 2C treated surface in perfect condition?

Is Oil Plus 2C food safe?

How to repair or renovate my Oil Plus 2C treated surface?

What is the difference between Oil Plus 2C "Pure" and "Natural"

Can I use Oil Plus 2C to protect wood in a sauna?

I treated my wood with Oil Plus 2C but the colour is very unequal. Why is that and how can I fix it?

Can I use Oil Plus 2C over our existing finish?

The surface, or part of the surface, must be covered after treatment with Oil Plus 2C. How do I do this?

How can I remove excess Oil Plus 2C after it's dry?

How do I know whether the floor is sufficiently dry after treatment?

How long can I use Oil Plus 2C after I have mixed the A and B component together?

What colour do I use for my indoor wood if I want a raw wood effect?

I want to use Oil Plus 2C to protect my indoor wood but it's not covering enough. How can I achieve a more intense colour?

Can the Oil Plus 2C and accelerator (B-component) also be mixed during application while spreading the product on the surface?

Is Accelerator ( comp. B) required for Oil Plus 2C?

How can I add more sheen to my surface treated with Oil Plus 2C?

How to repair or renovate my Oil Plus 2C treated surface?

How can I remove tape residue on my surface treated with Oil Plus 2C?

How to prepare interior wood before oiling?


Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold
Food Contact Compliance
0% VOC


Scrubby Set