How to keep my Oil Plus 2C treated surface in perfect condition?

The great advantage of Oil Plus 2C, if correctly maintained, is its optimal and durable protection. With lacquer systems, the initial wear resistance might be higher, but repair and maintenace are much more difficult and intensive.

01. Vacuum frequently

Remove dust and sand on a regular base. Depending on the traffic, this might be daily or weekly.

02. Clean with soap no more than once per week

Only use our cleaning products and wait at least 5 days after the Oil Plus 2C application before you clean for the first time. Depending on the amount of dirt, you should clean the surface regulary with Surface Care/All Natural Wood Cleaner Spray (furniture, worktops) or Universal Soap/All Natural Wood Cleaner (floors). We do not recommend cleaning more than once a week. When cleaning too often or with a too high concentration of Universal Soap or Surface Care, a thin layer of soap residue can be left on the surface which dirt can easily stick to (if this is the case, you should use Deep Cleaner to remove the soap residues).

03. Wear or colour restoration 

Over time, however, the surface may show some wear. Indications for wear are a visible walking zone and a surface that's more stain-sensitive and remains wet for a longer time after cleaning. If the surface is still visually good but feels a little bit dry or rough, you can apply the Universal Maintenance Oil or Refresh Eco (furniture and worktops only). If the colour is also affected, it is better to re-apply Oil Plus 2C in the colour that the wood was originally treated with.

Both products can be applied without sanding the surface. A very dirty surface should be cleaned first with Deep Cleaner.

04. Frequency 

The frequency of maintenance depends very much on the intensity with which the wooden surface is used. Surfaces often subjected to liquids and mechanical resistance will require a more frequent maintenance.


View or download our general maintenance instructions.