How can I achieve a raw wood effect indoors?

To achieve a raw wood effect, the recommendations depend on your type of wood. 

Even though we have a non-pigmented/transparent variant in the Oil Plus 2C range, called "Pure", this does not quite keep the natural colour for all wood types.

Oil Plus 2C is a linseed oil based product. Linseed oil has a naturally occurring colour to it which will enrich/darken the wood compared to its raw state.

Here are common solutions to neutralise the richening that occurs when applying oil-based finish to a few popular wood types:

  • White Oak: you can use the colour "Smoke 5%", "Natural" or "White 5%" 
  • Red Oak: you can use Precolor Easy "Mint White" to neutralise the pink/red tones of the red oak and then apply the Oil Plus 2C "White 5%" to it.
  • Walnut: (because it is so dark on its own) you can use "Pure" to keep it looking as close to unfinished as possible. A slight darkening will occur, but this is typically desired.
  • Softwood (beech, maple, pine, ...): use Oil Plus 2C "White 5%" or "Natural"
  • Chestnut: use Oil Plus 2C "Smoke 5%"

If you are looking for an effective solution for all types of wood (including darker wood types) Invisible Protector is a very good alternative.

We always advise to do a test first.