EN 71-3


Awarded to

  • Oil Plus 2C
  • Universal Maintenance Oil
  • Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix
  • Invisible Protector
  • SheenPlus
  • DuroGrit
  • Hybrid Wood Protector

In short

  • We comply with the European Regulation EN 71-3 for toys
  • Our interior products compliant with EN 71-3 are also Toy Safe, which means that they are safe for children

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More information

This European guideline regulates the migration of certain hazardous elements like barium, cadmium, and mercury etc. in different types of toys. The decision reflects that wood treated with the products listed above meets the EN 71-3 standard after drying and is therefore safe for children.

The impact of our Rubio Monocoat products on the well-being and health of the end user is of paramount importance. And since wood is increasingly used as a material to manufacture different types of toys, the toy standard also guarantees the safety of toys treated with our products.