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WoodCream Brochure - Without TDS

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Does WoodCream protect against sun's UV rays?

How to apply WoodCream on new wood

How to apply WoodCream on older non-Rubio Monocoat products

What is the general proportion WoodCream - WoodCream Softener?

Is WoodCream VOC free?

What is the maximum proportion WoodCream - WoodCream Softener?

Is it possible to mix WoodCream colours?

How long does the WoodCream last?

What are the general maintenance instructions for the WoodCream?

How can we clean the WoodCream brushes?

What are the differences between the WoodCream and Hybrid Wood Protector?

Do you have any WoodCream application tools?

How many layers of WoodCream do you need to apply?

How many WoodCream product is used m²/L?

Does WoodCream Softener expire after 4 hours or can it stay mixed for a longer period?

Can we ship WoodCream during cold weather (minus degrees)?

How many colours of WoodCream exist?

After what time do I have to apply the second coat of WoodCream at the latest, if I then want to colour it twice?

How long is the normal shelf life of WoodCream (in unopened condition)?

What is the total drying time for the WoodCream?

Is the warranty altered when using WoodCream Softener?

Can we use WoodCream only on vertical wood?

Can WoodCream be applied on every wood type?

Can WoodCream be applied on interior woodwork? For example when the customers want the interior woodwork to follow the exterior colour.

Do we have to apply WoodCream on each side of the wood? In order to give WoodCream some tension on the wood?

How long can WoodCream be exposed in sunlight before it discolours?

If I apply WoodCream, is an additional product needed for fungicide protection? Is there a certification for WoodCream against wood-destroying fungi, such as blue stain fungus?

Are WoodCream and WoodCream Softener VOC free?

Can we use WoodCream for exterior furniture?

On the wooden colour fans, what is the ratio of WoodCream Softener that is added? And in how many layers is WoodCream applied?

Besides brushes, are there other recommended WoodCream application tools? Does a roller work?

Can you expand on the self-cleaning effect of WoodCream?

Are there WoodCream protection level details we have to consider, being in countries where the UV is higher than in the Northern Hemisphere?


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