How to apply WoodCream on new wood

WoodCream is a breathable hydrophobic wax-based cream that colours and protects
vertical wood and makes it water-repellent. The hydrophobic WoodCream technology in combination with its unique cream structure offers both on product as on application level important benefits. This moisture-regulating cream provides a water-repellent and self-cleaning wood protection. The long contact technology ensures a perfect absorption of the cream into the wood’s pores, without covering them, thus ensuring the wood’s natural moisture balance and structure.

Instructions to apply WoodCream on new wood

  • Step 1: Sand the surface
  • Step 2: Clean with Exterior Wood Cleaner and let it dry
  • Step 3: Apply WoodCream
  • Step 4: Let the surface dry for 12 hours
  • Optional step 5: Apply a second layer of WoodCream


Step 1: Sand the surface

  • Sand the surface scratch-free. Finish with screening net 80-120. 

Step 2: Clean with Exterior Wood Cleaner and let it dry

  • Dampen the surface with clear water. Use a garden hose.
  • Take a bucket and make a mixture of 10% Exterior Wood Cleaner and 90% water
  • Clean the surface with Exterior Wood Cleaner using a nylon scrubbing brush. Scrub in the lengthwise direction of the wood. This will cause the product to foam. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with clear water until all the foam has disappeared.
  • Allow the surface to dry thoroughly (until there appears to be uniform drying and it is touch dry).

Step 3: Apply WoodCream

  • Stir WoodCream well before use.
  • Apply evenly to the vertical surface with the WoodCream Brush. Work with the grain in sections approximately 3 to 4 boards wide.
    • Tip 1: we advise to keep a wet edge to avoid overlaps.
    • Tip 2: With rough, absorbant or dry wood ( < 14% MC) we advise to dilute the product with WoodCream Softener (proportion: max 1:1).

Step 4: Allow the surface to dry 12 hours 


Optional Step 5: Apply a second layer of WoodCream

  • In case a more opaque result is required, you can apply a second layer after at least 3 hours. To avoid applying too heavily, dilute the WoodCream this time with 25% or 50% WoodCream Softener, depending on the desired result
    • Tip: Since the first layer is already water-repellent, the second layer will not adhere to the first layer as easily. We recommend spreading the product with the block brush on the first layer in one smooth movement and going over it several times.


- To determine the correct colour, always do a small test first with one of our samples on identical sanded and prepared wood.

- Good preparation is crucial for good protection. Always prepare the wood with Exterior Wood Cleaner, even though the wood is new.

- Avoid direct sunlight on the surface during application.

- In case of high temperatures ( > 30°C) or when there is no shadow, we recommend diluting WoodCream with WoodCream Softener in order to make the product easier to apply and to allow it to dry less quickly.

- Stir the product well before application. When using several containers at one site, it is recommended to mix them for an even result.

- Only use our maintenance and cleaning products.