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EN 71-3

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Can DuroGrit be applied on interior woodwork? For example: when the customers want the interior woodwork to follow the exterior colour.

Can DuroGrit be applied on every wood type?

Do we have to apply DuroGrit on each side of the wood? In order to give DuroGrit some tension on the wood?

Can we apply a second layer of DuroGrit for an even better protection or more intense colour?

How can we remove overlapping of DuroGrit?

Can we spray DuroGrit?

Can we apply DuroGrit over Hybrid Wood Protector?

Are the DuroGrit colours compatible with the Hybrid Wood Protector colours for maintenance purposes?

Can we apply DuroGrit over WoodCream?

Can we apply DuroGrit over another non-Rubio Monocoat coating?

Is DuroGrit compatible with Sunprimer HWP?

What is the maximum amount of Open Time Extender we can add to DuroGrit?

Does the addition of Open Time Extender affect the UV and/or mechanical resistance of DuroGrit?

How long can we store DuroGrit once mixed with Open Time Extender?

Does the Open Time Extender also affect the spreadability of DuroGrit?

What is a water-based oil such as DuroGrit?

What are the minimum and maximum temperatures in which we can apply DuroGrit?

How many product of DuroGrit is used m²/L?

How long is the normal shelf life of DuroGrit (in unopened condition)?

Can we ship DuroGrit during cold weather (minus degrees)?

Can we dilute DuroGrit?

Is it really required to let new wood age for 4-6 weeks before applying DuroGrit?

What is the total drying time for DuroGrit?

Can we add B component to DuroGrit to make drying time faster and to make it stronger?

How long do we have to wait until boards treated with DuroGrit are stackable?

Is DuroGrit compatible with insecticide and fungicide treatments that are mandatory for some woodwork?

Will DuroGrit prevent the leaking of tannins or other natural contents out of the wood?

How can I remove stains from spilled DuroGrit product on non-targeted adjacent areas?

How should we handle a renovation with DuroGrit?

How can we clean a surface treated with DuroGrit?

Is there also danger for auto-combustion with DuroGrit?

How can we clean brushes and tools that were used to apply DuroGrit?

How can we dispose of DuroGrit and empty packagings after usage?

Is DuroGrit a single component product?

What is the difference between the standard and industrial version of DuroGrit?

Is it possible to mix DuroGrit colours?