House - The Berghause Hunter (White)


Category: The Berghaus Hunter

Location: USA

Name of architect/firm/contractor:

Architect : Anderson Anderson Architecture

Contractor : Catskills Custom Homes

Rubio Monocoat Product and colour: Hybrid Wood Protector/ White

Oil Plus 2C/ White 5% - Pure

Wood type: Spruce, Cedar, Acacia, Birch, White Oak

Copyright : Leslie Hill Photography

Treated surfaces: 

  • Bathroom walls and ceilings (only interior paneling that was treated) (spruce - Oil Plus 2C White 5%)
  • Interior flooring (second level) (cvg cedar - Oil Plus 2C White 5%)
  • Kitchen cabinets (Baltic birch plywood - Oil Plus 2C White 5%)
  • Dressers and bathroom vanities (Birch plywood - Oil Plus 2C White 5%)
  • Dining table (acacia - Oil Plus 2C Pure)
  • Coffee table and side table (White oak - Oil Plus 2C Pure)
  • Exterior exposed walls (spruce - Hybrid Wood Protector White)

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