How to handle stains?

Although many stains can be removed with Universal Soap, Surface Care, All Natural Wood Cleaner or All Natural Wood Cleaner Spray, Rubio Monocoat also developed a number of specific stain removers. Stubborn lime stains can be handled effectively with Limespot Remover, grease stains with Grease Remover and black/tannin stains with Tannin Remover. If the stain has penetrated the wood too deeply, the spot can be sanded and re-oiled.

First select the most suitable stain remover for your spots.

stains EN 1

stains EN 2

Stains EN 3

A few remarks:

- Only use the products above on surfaces treated with Oil Plus 2C 

- If you have an unknown stain, first try with Surface Care or All Natural Wood Cleaner Spray. If the stains have not dissapeared, try one of the stain removers in the following order: first Limespot Remover, then Grease Remover and finally Tannin Remover