How to handle stains?

Although many stains can be removed with Universal Soap and Surface Care, Rubio Monocoat also developed a number of specific stain removers. Stubborn lime stains can be handled effectively with Limespot Remover, grease stains with Grease Remover and black/tannin stains with Tannin Remover. If the stain has penetrated the wood too deeply, the spot can be sanded and re-oiled.

First select the most suitable stain remover for your spots.

Grease Remover - EN

Limespot Remover - EN
Tannin Remover - EN

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A few remarks:

- Only use the products above on surfaces treated with Oil Plus 2C 

- If you have an unknown stain, first try with Surface Care. If the stains have not dissapeared, try one of the stain removers in the following order: first Limespot Remover, then Grease Remover and finally Tannin Remover